A question was asked by a multitude of people about 2000 years ago…“What shall we do?”   It was a sincere question coming from the hearts of people who had just come to the awareness  that they were in serious trouble.  They had taken part in the execution of the king of kings.   This sudden awareness cut them to the heart, and they urgently needed to find an answer, because they realized that if this  message which had just been received was true, they were doomed.  The question was being asked to one of the close followers of Jesus Christ.  His name was Peter.

Peter had been given the keys to the kingdom of God because of a revelation that he had received from God that Jesus was the “Christ, the Son of the living God…”  Jesus  had given Peter the keys to lock and unlock a door that provides an entrance into the kingdom..

When the sincere question from the heart was asked on the day of Pentecost, “Men and brethren, what shall we do?” they were willing to accept it.   The word that would be spoken by Peter in response to the question would be of eternal importance.   Just a few days had passed since Peter had stood with a group of people that had been with Jesus after he had been crucified on a cross for things that he did not do.  The final instructions Peter had heard coming from the lips of his master would have to be the answer to this important question that would come from troubled hearts of humanity.  There was no option.  Peter knew that he held the key to understanding and that this key would be the hope for all mankind.  Peter did not hesitate to obey the instructions that had been given to him by Lord.

Even though Peter had made a terrible mistake by giving up and running away when Jesus was placed on the cross, he still held the keys. because the merciful one that he had followed arose from the dead and had given him a full pardon.

The question is still being asked today by millions and millions of troubled people all over the word…”WHAT SHALL WE DO…?”

Just as the same question continues to be asked by hurting souls today, the answer is also still the same.

Read the question and the answer in the Bible.  Acts 2:37 contains the question.  Acts 2:38 reveals the answer.  Acts 2:39 assures us that the promise of salvation power for hurting humanity with troubled hearts  can still be found in Acts 2:38.  If you are sincere and really want to get right with God, look it up.

God bless you as you search for the answer that can make an eternal difference in your life.


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