Finding a Church that fits you and your family may take some time and effort. In your search, we’d love for you to be our guest and experience our services. Let me give you seven reasons to check out Norwich Tabernacle.


1. It’s a fresh start.

Many of us wish we had the opportunity to make a fresh start – to discover a place where we are accepted and can develop and grow. Perhaps you went to church in the past and have gotten out of the habit. We invite you to jump back in at the Norwich Tabernacle.  We are ready to help you with that fresh new start.


2. You’ll be accepted.
It doesn’t matter where you have been or what you have done; we would love to have you as a part of our church family. In fact, we are looking for imperfect people to become part of this church! It’s about loving and being loved. If we cannot love you today, we cannot help you or anybody else.  You are loved when you walk in the door, and we will keep loving you regardless of the circumstances that may be in your life.  Our motto: Come as you are, Leave as he is.


3) We like to have fun!
Church does not have to be boring.  God is looking for joyful people to sing and shout his praises.   The Norwich Tabernacle folks are very serious about God, but we also like to laugh, cut up, and have a good time… In fact, we believe that God wants us to enjoy life and to celebrate it to the fullest.


4) People dress for comfort.
We do not judge you because of what you may look like on the outside. We care about what happens on the inside.  God is real, and we have found that when we love people and allow them to make their way to God, all matters of change will come from the heart as the people fall in love with the true and living God who knows the heart of each individual and has the wisdom to help us all to adjust to the changes that may come as a result of moving from the darkness of sinful living into the light and fellowship of Jesus Christ.  Peace and joy can be  found as we discover the highway of holiness which is something that God provides for sincere hearts who are willing to allow God to love us into his true holiness.  Holiness is something  beautiful, and the standards of man are sometimes very ugly especially when mean spirited people try to force others to obey rules.  God knows how to work it all out.  Come on and enjoy our fellowship now.  If you have made one step toward God you can testify in the Norwich Tabernacle the first time you arrive.
After a time you may find that fellowship has grown into a relationship, and you will be known as a brother or a sister in the family of God.  As time goes on you will have questions, and we will be here to seek God for answers so we can properly help you as you find yourself adjusting to the new heart that came from the God who loves you more than anybody you have ever known may have tried to love you.


5) The service moves!
We put a great deal of time in sincere prayer as we allow God to plan each service.  God knows how to put it all together and keep it interesting for you and your family.  Each service is packed with testimonies, joyful singing, something for the children, and practical teaching and preaching that can help you in everyday living.


6) We are not better than you.
We’re just real people who are looking for an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and with others. We explain the teachings of the Bible in a friendly way so that anyone with a sincere heart can understand what God wants for their life.


7) We love children and teenagers.
We don’t think they are a nuisance. In fact, we see them as a vital link to the church. We want them to learn and grow and develop spiritually. We believe they are not only the future but also a major part of each service.   We want the children and young adults to enjoy Church.  We do not hide them  away in a back room to keep them from messing up our services.  Sometimes children cry and do things that kids do, and we love them.  We do not offer sports, games, movies or outings to keep the youth interested.  We offer a real God and a true family of God to help you and your children to enjoy a better life. We have learned that the best reason for adults and children to go to church is the fact that we can worship God and find answers for our lives regardless of who we are, and no matter what we have been dealing with.

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